the technical stuff.

We offer a full range of digital services and programming, whether you are looking for logo/graphic design, full website design with ecommerce and development or looking to upgrade/refresh; database requirements or server integrations and technological infrastructure;  social media and business print marketing.  On a local level, we offer computer repairs/services.

We also offer the added bonus of traditional arts and design services, including those related to textiles/yarn.

DESIGN and programming

    At we have over 20 years experience in web development and graphic design with more than 350 websites under our belts (double that amount if you consider the sites we have been called in to ‘fix’, update and improve!).

During this time we have employed a wide variety of technologies from Animation to Scripting Languages to Databases, often at the leading edge of design (such as employed in our website). But at the end of the day the standard of excellence is NOT about what we have achieved in the past but how we can leverage our skills and experience to help YOU grow your business via the Internet!

When you succeed we will have succeeded in our mission.


    Images are the face your website presents to the world!

They can capture imagination and attention or they can offend and turn off potential visitors and customers! Many times a simple image will convey a much deeper and long-lasting message than a complex, in your face type image.  We have extensive experience in print, broadcasting and digitally.


     For more than 20 years we have been involved in marketing for small and larger companies and government departments through conventional marketing activities and via the Internet.

This experience gives us a perspective not found in Internet-only marketing companies. Yes, we can help you with SEO, social media and all the other critical marketing associated with the Internet, but we can also help you with cross-media marketing – tying all elements of your marketing, local and distant into one cohesive strategy that maximizes your return.


     Technology is WONDERFUL! – when it works…

Are you spending WAY too much of your time trying to get your computer equipment to do the things you NEED it to do, rather than DOING what you NEED to be doing?

We can help with ALL your computer hardware, networking, application and programming issues. With 30+ years experience in the computer industry, chances are whatever your problem is we have seen it!

We can assist you in:

  • Hardware / software installation and maintenance.
  • Local and wide area networks.
  • Technology life-cycle planning.
  • Staff training.


We also offer training!  Do you want to be the pilot of your website/ blog / ecommerce store and online presence going forward?
Ask us about
  • Social Media (utilize those hashtags!)
  • Websites 101
  • Content creation tips

Detailed Service Information:

Web design/development

Web Development & Social Media Web Development: HTML/Javascript, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal & XOOPS CMS, WordPress plugin development.

Social Media

Brand development on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram, Post scheduling with Postfity & Tweeten

Computers & Technology, Operating Systems

Windows (vers. 1 to10), Mac (Classic to OsX), Linux (various distributions), HP-Ux, IBM & Burroughs mainframes, Android. Networks: LAN’s, WAN’s, Remote (Satellite based), Subnets, Servers (File, Cloud, ERP, DNS, DHCP, Apache2, IIS) Office Systems: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Libreoffice, Adobe CS. Programming: VisualBasic, VBScript, ASP, Javascript (including Jquery, Jquery Mobile, Node.js & JSON), PHP, CSS3, HTML5, PhoneGap/.Cordova App Development, PERL, Java, C++


MySQL, SQLite3, MSSQL, Access


Servers (File, Cloud, ERP, DNS, DHCP, Apache2, IIS)

Raster graphics: Photoshop, GIMP
Vector graphics: Illustrator, Inkscape/Scribus
Animation: Flash/Actionscript, HTML5-Canvas

Visually and technically scan your articles, web copy, and other publications.


Knit design, knitting pattern layout/templating, digital and print publishing, custom yarn dyeing, tech editing/grading (sizing), custom weaving (traditional floor loom), custom yarn spinning (small scale, traditional wheel), machine knitting (vintage, home machine).

Traditional arts

Painting: Watercolour, acrylics; Drawing: graphite, charcoal, coloured pencil, murals

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